Here are the Unique Chinese New Year Facts that You Must Know

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Hi friends ! Who can’t wait to celebrate Chinese New Year? But wait, friend, before you celebrate and enjoy the Chinese New Year moment, you should know that during Chinese New Year there are many unique and interesting facts.

So, to increase your knowledge, today zeropromosi will provide some unique Chinese New Year facts that are rarely known to people, so you really have to know, curious about what’s going on? Come see the article here!

1. Unique Facts About Chinese Angpao
You already know that one of the characteristics of Chinese New Year celebrations is the distribution of angpao. Even though it seems simple, you know that if you distribute angpao there are rules, it shouldn’t be arbitrary.

The rule is in the form of a prohibition on giving angpao with an odd number or it must be an even number and cannot contain money in number 4. Because the number 4 in Mandarin means death, so does odd numbers.

Another unique fact about distributing angpao is that angpao recipients are those who are not married. Even though he is an adult and has income but is not married, he still has the right to receive red packets, you know.

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