The Death Rate Due to Covid-19 in Semarang Is still above National Rate

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Semarang, – Mayor of Semarang Hendrar Prihadi said that the death rate due to Covid-19 in the capital city of Central Java is still above the national average.

“The death rate is still very high, around 7.3 percent. It is higher than the national level of five percent,” said the mayor who is familiarly called Hendi in Semarang, Sunday (7/2/2021).

The number of patients who died due to Covid-19 based on the length of was recorded at 2,264 people.

Although the mortality rate is still high, he continued, the average number of new cases per day has decreased after about four weeks of implementing restrictions on community activities.

According to him, the average number of new cases after the implementation of PKM is below 100 people per day.

The number of positive patients previously touched the figure of 1,000 people per day, is currently recorded at 721 people.

The Semarang City Government will still enforce PKM until an undetermined time limit.

However, he continued, there were several things that would be relaxed in the implementation of the PKM.

He gave an example that the operational hours of street vendors, restaurants, and entertainment venues were extended to 23.00 WIB.

Malls and shopping centers, he continued, are allowed to open until 21.00 WIB.

“Socio-cultural activities, such as seminars and wedding receptions have been permitted with restrictions on the number of guests,” he said.

He explained that in socio-cultural activities, the maximum number of guests is limited to 100 people or a maximum of 50 percent of the room capacity.

He added that although the statistics have shown improvement, the public is still asked to increase the element of vigilance.

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