Students Participating in Teaching Campus Will Receive Many Incentives

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Jakarta, – The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) invites higher education (PT) students to join the Teaching Campus program so that they can contribute to the acceleration of the quality of education in elementary schools (SD) in the 3T (disadvantaged, frontier, and outermost areas) ).

Students who pass the Teaching Campus selection will receive many incentives or benefits. Not only gain knowledge and experience, but will also receive the calculation of 12 replacement credits, a single tuition fee deduction (UKT) of IDR 2.4 million, and an allowance of IDR 700,000 per month.

This was conveyed by the Secretary of the Directorate General of Higher Education Kemdikbud Paristiyanti Nurwardani, in the Teaching Campus Socialization which was held virtually, Saturday (13/02/2021).

“There are 24,000 villages that still don’t have an internet connection, so they can’t go online. In the 3T area, these children have lagged behind in learning. Therefore, I urge and invite students and lecturers to turn these challenges into hopes for elementary school students in 3T areas, “he said.

Paristiyanti said the Teaching Campus was part of the Independent Campus program. Teaching Campus participants will be placed in accredited C elementary schools, mostly in 3T areas.

“The teaching activity is 12 weeks or the equivalent of 12 credits. Students also get a UKT deduction of Rp 24 million and an allowance of Rp 700,000 per month,” said Paristiyanti.

Before being assigned, students will get provision, including elementary school pedagogy, literacy and numeracy learning, communication ethics, distance learning concepts about offline and online learning creative strategies, assessment applications in learning, students as ambassadors for behavior change during a pandemic, Pancasila student profiles, and child protection principles.

“The Teaching Campus will provide students with opportunities to learn and develop themselves through outdoor activities, facilitating flexible and adaptive experiential learning,” said Paristiyanti.

According to him, the Teaching Campus does not only benefit elementary school students enrolled in the program, but also the students, lecturers, and universities involved. The Teaching Campus is expected to produce university graduates with hard skills and soft skills that are ready and relevant to the needs of the times, as well as prepare future leaders who are superior and have personalities.

The Teaching Campus is also expected to increase a sense of sensitivity and social concern for students, lecturers, education staff, and higher education institutions to work together to face the pandemic.

“For students, they can develop themselves, especially creativity, leadership, other interpersonal skills through the Teaching Campus,” said Paristiyanti.

The stages of the Teaching Campus are registration (February 9-21), selection (February 22-March 12), debriefing (March 15-21), assignment (March 22-June 25), student withdrawal (June 26), and credit transfer at PT. (July 5-11).

“So far 270 students and 197 lecturers have registered, with the most registrant campuses being the Sari Mutiara Indonesia University in Medan, the Nusa Cendana University and the Indonesian Education University,” said Paristiyanti.


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