Grammar Exercise – Who vs Whom

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Task No. 188
Do the exercise by choosing the correct answer. This task tests your understanding about Relative Pronouns.

If you want to learn about this topic before doing this exercise you can visit :

Relative Pronouns

Choose the correct answer of the questions below.

Question 1

Do you know the man --------- is standing there?

Question 2

The electrician --------- I asked for assistance was helpful.

Question 3

Tell me, --------- told you this wonderful news?

Question 4

For --------- are you buying this present?

Question 5

To --------- have you offered the flowers?

Question 6

My parents will accept --------- I choose as my husband.

Question 7

--------- gave you permission to get into this room?

Question 8

I just want to know --------- made this delicious dish.

Question 9

He is the kind of person for --------- family is very important.

Question 10

--------- wrote that beautiful love poem?

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