Conversation about Receiving Visitors

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh😊


How are you today guys. In this time I want to invite you to learn English again. Are you ready?

The lesson that we learn in this post is about speaking? You like to practice your speaking skill right? Why we must always our speaking skill is because speaking skill is very important in mastering any language.

Oke, we will learn Conversation about Receiving Visitors.



A: Thanks for coming to see me today.

B: It’s no problem. I was really missing you anyway.

A: I missed you too.

B: Why haven’t you tried to come see me then?

A: I’ve been really busy.

B: Doing what?

A: Working.

B: I would’ve come to see you sooner, but I’ve been busy too.

A: What have you been doing?

B: I’ve been working too.

A: Well regardless, I’m very happy that you came to see me.

B: I am too.



A: I’m really glad that you came to see me.

B: I had to. I was missing you a lot.

A: I was missing you too.

B: So, why haven’t you visited me?

A: I’ve actually been busy lately.

B: What have you been doing?

A: I’ve just been working really hard.

B: I’ve also been busy.

A: Tell me what you’ve been doing.

B: Basically, I’ve been working too.

A: Well whatever, I’m glad you came.

B: So am I.



A: I’m really happy that you came to visit me.

B: I really missed you a lot.

A: I’ve been missing you like crazy.

B: I don’t understand why you haven’t come to visit me.

A: Lately, I’ve been quite busy.

B: Tell me what you’ve been up to.

A: I’ve really been working a lot lately.

B: I’ve been pretty busy myself.

A: So what have you been up to?

B: I’ve just been working a lot.

A: Whatever the reason may be, I’m glad you visited me.

B: I’m glad I did too.

Okay, that is the speaking lesson today. Keep the spirit to learn English. If you are diligent to practice your English, surely, you will have excellent skill in English.

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