Adverb Clauses – Complete Explanation

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Well, in this occasion, I will give explanation about Adverb Clauses.
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What is an adverb clause?

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An adverb clause (also called  adverbial clause) is a dependent clause (or subordinate clause) which functions as an adverb.

Types of adverb clauses

There are many types of adverb clauses:

Type Example
Place He thinks he will be happy where he has recently moved.
Time He wrote the book when he was 25.
Manner The kids cleaned the room as we wanted.
Reason I forgave him because I liked him.
Purpose They bought a piece of land so that they can build a bigger house.
Concession Although he is very old, he runs fast.
Condition If I had a lot of money, I would travel around the world.
Comparison He can run as fast as a world champion.

Ditambah katata apa saja yang bisa jadi adverb clause. Dan cari referensi tambahan


Choose the right conjunctive adverb for the sentence.

1)Hurry up; , you will be late for the train.
2)I studied hard for the exam; , I failed.
3)Tom is a sportsman; , his brother Tom is athletic.
4)He didn’t go to college. , he started his own business.
5)He is not good-looking. , he is popular among girls.

1) otherwise
2) however
3) likewise
4) Instead
5) Nevertheless

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