The Importance of the Role of Teachers, Schools and Parents in Creating Qualified Education

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Jakarta, – The “Innovation School Leaders and Teachers Forum” (ISLTF) activity organized by Hafecs (Highly functioning education consulting services) was held on Saturday (6/2/2021). The 29th Hafecs special parenting was attended by around 4,000 participants through the Zoom platform and the Hafecs YouTube channel. Hafecs highlighted the important role of teachers, schools and parents in creating quality education.

This event was reviewed by the director and master trainer Hafecs Zulfikar Alimuddin. Also a speaker, public figure and observer of Shahnaz Haque’s children. The big theme reviewed in this forum is “The Role of Teachers, Schools and Parents to Create a Higher Quality Education”.

Zulfikar highlighted Indonesia’s ranking on the PISA or international student assessment program that increased in 2018, which was in position 74 out of 79 participating countries. However, Indonesia’s score decreased compared to 2015.

“What makes us even sadder is, when the education budget increases, there is certification, there is PPG, how come the literacy remains low, what’s wrong with this nation?” said Zulfikar, Sunday (7/2/2021).

He added that Indonesian education is inevitably related directly to the quality of teachers. Professional teachers are teachers who “master” the quality of teaching and their personal qualities (mindset).

According to Zulfikar, several examples of how parents can develop children’s literacy and potential are by:

  • Invite children to talk
  • Expose children to different types of books
  • Instill the importance of hard work
  • Don’t let children fear failure
  • Establish communication and collaboration with the teacher
  • Offer experiences and opportunities to children

Meanwhile Shahnaz revealed that being a parent and educator is not easy. Need mastery or good self-control. Parents are also not allowed to be toxic parenting, who often abuse children.

“Not everyone is ready to become parents, if we want to produce high-achieving children, we must set intentions or fix our intentions, clean our hearts, straighten our intentions. Because children are excited if first they have supportive parents, secondly they are in a non-toxic environment. Third, they must be physically and mentally healthy, ”said Shahnaz.

“Improving themselves is the key so that parents and teachers can provide education and protect their children properly. Stop violence against children “.

Hafecs invites teachers to always maintain their professionalism by repeating the quality of teaching through special and more in-depth training. Through its website, Hafecs provides courses both online and offline which can be accessed in real-time. There, teachers can learn a lot about mastering teacher competencies in the Hafecs innovative teacher version.

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