Optimistic Ashmore of Funds Managed by Mutual Funds Will Increase This Year

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Jakarta, Britaniacenter.com – PT Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia Tbk (AMOR) is optimistic that until the end of 2021 it can record managed funds to rise above the industry. Therefore, the company has prepared various strategies, from new products to digital marketing.

Director of Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia Arief Wana explained that the company plans to issue new products with the theme of environmental, social and governance (ESG) in the first quarter of 2021. “In addition, we will also release products with the theme of sharia, possibly in the second semester,” he explained to Investor Daily, Tuesday (23/2/201).

Another strategy, Arief added, is to strengthen sales through digital marketing. To note, the company previously formed a partnership with a subsidiary of PT Bukalapak, namely Open Investment Together (BIB) in providing access to mutual funds and investment products through digital channels.

BIB itself is an online-based mutual fund selling agent that was established in October 2020 which aims to increase investment accessibility for the Indonesian people, especially the underserved segment. Ashmore invests Rp 50 billion for a 20% stake in BIB.

According to Arief, the increased awareness of investing during a pandemic is a good signal for the company’s business. However, this still needs to be improved because Indonesian people’s participation in investing is relatively low compared to other countries. “Deeper financial literacy needs to be done by players in industry and government,” he said.

Overall in 2021 economic growth is quite promising with the distribution of vaccines, the Omnibus Law, and the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). This is a positive catalyst for the strengthening of the JCI and bonds.

Regarding product diversification, Arief explained, the company is still focused on managing investment fundamentally. Based on the data, the company’s product performance for the past 6 months has been able to beat the benchmark.

Ashmore AM Indonesia has not been able to provide details on this year’s capex. He only revealed that all operating costs this year will be financed by a profit margin in December 2020. In fact, the company plans to distribute dividends to shareholders again. “Our margin per December 2020 is still quite high, so it can finance operations and open up opportunities to pay dividends,” he concluded.

Source: BeritaSatu.com

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