Ebook Review: An Interview with Sara Brown

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File Size: 455kb Zipped, 513kb Unzipped.
Number of Pages: 36
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Subject: Interview Ebook with Sara Brown (see about the author for more details)
Other Information: Also comes with “Internet Marketing Success: Off the Record” – An interview with Tony Shepherd” who is author of ‘The One Month Magnate.’ This interview ebook is 18 pages long.


Sara Brown is one of the UK’s top internet marketers she sells on eBay at http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Jobhaters-Marketplace and also runs a variety of websites which can all be accessed from http://www.sara-brown.com/choices/. If you want to know more read her About Me page on eBay or subscribe to her newsletter through her websites.


The title of the ebook pretty much explains what this ebook is; An Interview with Sara Brown. Inside Sara divulges a lot of key information which many an Internet Marketer would find useful.

In the ebook Sara discusses:

  • Her best discovery about the Internet!
  • The best discovery of her Life!
  • Her previous Jobs!
  • The formula she uses to launch a New Product!
  • Where she gets her Ideas!
  • How easy it is to set up an Income Stream!
  • Her first major success in Internet Marketing!
  • The most important money making skill a person can have as an Internet Marketer!
    Why some people aren’t successful Online!
  • Some of the real life income streams she has used in the past and uses Today!

I found this ebook an interesting read. Although it is not the most in depth Internet Marketing ebook out there it gave me some useful ideas to consider. The ebook starts with general questions about Sara’s past achievements, jobs, and income streams. Towards the middle of the ebook and until the end Sara talks in detail about some of the income streams she has set up in the past.

The most interesting parts of the ebook I found were about Sara’s offline income streams. These are a classic example of an idea that involved ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ and ones that get your mind rolling for similar ideas. One of them was an ingenious idea involving a car boot sale and the other involving winches. She also talks about one of her online income streams involving getting babies to sleep, a subject that Sara again had very little knowledge of before she started up the income stream. Other interesting things covered in this ebook include the rumour that Sara Brown is in fact Tony Shepherd.


  • Provides real life examples of income streams Sara has used both on and offline to generate an income.
  • An additional interview ebook with Tony Shepherd is provided absolutely FREE.
  • Relatively low priced in comparison to similar ebooks.


  • Since it is an interview ebook it does not provide you with actual systems you can implement.
  • Relatively short when compared to other ebooks (only 36 pages).


The main thing I gained from An Interview with Sara Brown is from her offline income streams. This got me thinking about ways that I could make money offline. This in turn led me to research ways I could make money offline in an area that I had expertise. A quick search of the forums helped me formulate a simple idea which was initially spawned from reading this interview.

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