Social Action of Hotel Network Help Flood Victims

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Jember, – DHM hotel chain or Dafam Hotel Management cares for flood victims in Bedadung River, Kepatihan, Jember. The social action aims to ease the burden on victims who still need assistance through its “Inspring Care” program during the Covid-19 pandemic.

DHM together with one of its hotel units, Meotel Hotel Jember by Dafam, carried out social action activities by distributing aid to the people of Kepatihan Village who were affected by floods due to the overflowing of the Bedadung River, where several houses were washed away and submerged in water up to the waist of adults.

CEO of Dafam Hotel Management, Andhy Irawan, stated that DHM together with Meotel Hotel Jember distributed assistance in the form of building materials to help repair houses for residents who were damaged. In addition, masks, hand gloves and hand sanitizers were also distributed.

“This is to keep people safe from the virus that is attacking the community in the current Covid-19 pandemic era, as well as to protect donating guests from following health protocols. We provide assistance to our brothers who experience disaster,” Andhy explained in his statement on Sunday (7 / 2/2021).

The handover of this assistance was carried out directly by Andhy Irawan who was accompanied by Helman Dedy Choandra as the GM of the Meotel Hotel Jember and was handed over directly to representatives of the Kepatihan Village community.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact was tremendous on all circles of society, coupled with the existence of this disaster, of course, it adds a lot of burden to the people affected by the disaster,” he added.

Andhy revealed that DHM will continue to be committed to carrying out CSR activities on various occasions and also instruct all GM-GM hotel business units under the DHM network in Indonesia to always help people in need.

In addition, to continue to build awareness of the community, in accordance with one of the company philosophies, namely the principle of caring for others and the community, which is one of the elements of “Dafam Corporate Value”.

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